What is bosolog?

BOSOLOG provides advanced IoT sensors equipped with capabilities such as GPS tracking, vibration, shock, movement, humidity, temperature, and light detection. Leverage this data to conduct thorough analysis and produce detailed documentation and condition reports, enhancing the management of your high-value cargo.

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You can access our web service via a phone, tablet, or computer through an online user profile. Here, you can obtain a graphical representation of all data recorded by the bosoLog multi-sensory data logging system. Values are displayed on a scale represented as percentages. Additionally, specific values can be highlighted for emphasis.

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Intelligent IoT solutions

Our latest IoT technology allows us to measure and monitor comprehensively, enabling us to go beyond the scenarios described on this website. This capability ensures that we can provide tailored solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. How can we assist you?

With BOSOLOG you always know

You can monitor and track your valuable assets from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, whether in transit or storage. With BOSOLOG’s multi-sensory system, you can precisely locate your assets and monitor conditions such as temperature, impacts, and humidity exposure.

Instant alarms and documentation

Should any incident occur, you will receive immediate notifications with detailed information about the location, time, and nature of the event, allowing you to take preventative actions or document the occurrence for future reference.

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